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So, Kevin already had a daughter but having such a trendy wife, she took care of dressing his little one through the years.

When both of our wives fell pregnant at the same time and we found out that we were both having boys, we began writing their lives from the very first scan!

There were a few rules:

They absolutely have to be besties- just like us.
They 100% have to support Arsenal (which is currently quite a stressful task).
They have to be cooler than we thought we were in our youth.

We always thought we were trend setters in our day (but looking back at past pictures, I think we probably needed some regular visits to Specsavers!).

When the boys were born, we would take them shopping, consciously looking out for items that we could dress them in when they passed the baby grow phase of their lives.

We were on a mission for them to have zero embarrassing kid photos, but let’s just say- we were quite starved of choice!

At that point one of us came up with an idea (probs me, I’ll take it 🙂 ) to make our own clothes for the boys!

I can’t remember the exact date, but I do remember that it was a Wednesday.

We were so pumped up and without much consideration, we were on Expedia looking for flights to Asia.

In some ways, it was pretty ignorant. We just assumed that was where you went if you were serious about manufacturing clothes. We weren’t wrong, but if we’d given it about 15mins more thought, we’d have saved ourselves the cost of two flights and a half posh hotel.

The following Monday, we ended up on a plane to South Korea in search of inspiration and factories (and because Kev really wanted to break in to North Korea while we were there).

The ladies were fuming- seriously fuming, but we promised them it would be worth the inconvenience and they would have well dressed kids by the age of 2.

In a nutshell- we made friends, went to Karaoke, discovered Gangnam style (if the song ever confused you, going there makes it all make sense) and realised there was a whole country that had never heard of Whatsapp!

We brought home some great looking samples, but once the excitement of this new and unknown journey had naturally died down, we realised it wasn’t completely us.

From the choice of fabrics, to the choice of zips, cuts and more- we wanted it at 100- not 92.5.

We had to find a solution and we did. Savvy Kid London was born. This was the ultimate crash course in becoming a savvy fashion designer- so we just went with it. Savvy Kid London.

Having previously been in a band, we used our musical background as inspiration- combined with celebrity lifestyle, contemporary fashion and gold wherever we could get away with it!

Well, thats our story and here is the result!

We are all one people…

We strongly believe in life, love, humanity, quality, good times and everything else in-between.

We have built a brand that does not exploit the heart of its production line. As fathers, we just wouldn’t feel right selling you an item that was made by someone else’s exploited relative. This is worryingly becoming more and more popular these days.

Manufacturing in London means we can ensure our staff are paid well, ensure we use premium fabrics that we are happy for our own kids to wear and have hands on involvement with regards to our premium level of quality.

All of this helps us sleep better at night and will make you feel great dressing your child in our clothes. At the end of the day, we are all someone’s Savvy Kid, right?

Be You. Be Savvy.

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